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Trends In The Landscaping Web Design

Like in any other field, web design trends are changing through the years. But, if we compare it with other business, web design is driven by progress of technology. The primary platforms are changing; web designers are perfecting their skills and trying to implement the new thing. Depending on what effect you are trying to achieve, each area in web design has suffered some changes. In this article, we are going to discuss the landscaping and address the new trends that await us in the future.

Full – width web design

Full – width web designWe don’t have backgrounds anymore, due to wider websites, which stretch to the edge of the browser window. In most cases, this design has eliminated sidebars on web pages. Without the use of these sidebars, navigation has moved to the header making the utilization of the website much easier.

Hero header

We now have the use of hero header, the use of hero image or text at the top of the homepage and other pages. Different media are used as hero headers, for example, image, image slider or video clips which are becoming very popular. The hear hero is the first thing a visitor encounters on your website, and it represents your idea and your goals. It often has some links which will draw readers deeper into your site.

White space

Adding more space between images, elements and content on your web page have become a popular trend in web design. You need to let your website breathe. Even though bold colors and images are in trend now, keep in mind that you need to have an organized site, which will have a beautiful and clean appealing, not messy and hard to manage. The white space is an ideal thing to simplify the page, but still, keep it on a higher level.

Social media linksSocial media links

Your homepage needs to have a spot for social media links and icons. They are located in the footer of a website. This has become a place, and visitors scroll down by default, looking for social media icons.