All Done.

The last three weeks have been a mad rush to finish The Morrison House and get it on the market.  Hardly any updates, we know, but the transformation is something we are truly proud of and can test is probably our favorite home to date.  The house hits the market today (yeah!) and we will update with the link and photos when it goes live.  Over the next week, we will be working on taking some after photos of the project and getting them posted.  We are excited!  Until then, here is a peek of what we have been up to the last month via Instagram (follow us!).


Reno Updates and Inspiration.

Well here we are mid July and the goal was to post on a regular basis and that didn't happen!  Oh well.  The Morrison House is coming right along.  Demo is pretty much done.  Electrical, HVAC and plumbing rough-ins all completed and drywall is up and in the process of being mudded.  This month is set to be a busy one!  We've been slacking on getting pictures of updates around the property but for now, here is a little inspiration for the project.

As mentioned before, a modern Victorian farmhouse is the main inspiration for the whole project.  Charcoal greys, white, and a Mediterranean landscape are where this design starts.  We are looking to go with a classic feel for the outside of the house and these colors and how they were applied are pretty much spot on with what we were envisioning.  Still on the hunt for the perfect Victorian front door...

This kitchen is perfect.  We are wanting to create a farmhouse feel for the inside of the Victorian and we feel this kitchen has the perfect combo of farmhouse and modern style.  Our plan is to create a similar look with the ship lap walls, but our plan is to incorporate a more traditional cabinet with brass hardware, unique lighting and a stunning spot for the kitchen sink.  Can't wait!

As much as we would love to create these amazing Victorian details around the passageways in the house, it's probably not realistic.  But we do love the walls, rustic floors and the layout is almost exactly the same as the Morrison House! 

Now here is where we add our touch of modern.  The minute we saw this staircase we decided it needed to be done in the Victorian.  We've done black staircases before and we are excited to do it again.  We are even hoping to recreate that wear on top of the railing and newel posts.  An all white interior with an all black staircase?  Serious style!

The landscape at the house is already on it's way but from the beginning, we dreamed of a Mediterranean landscape.  Think lavender, sage, cypress trees, decomposed granite patios and gracious outdoor living areas.

Now the outdoor area wouldn't be complete without a mini Victorian shed!  We have plans to convert the shed into a cute Victorian outdoor living space...perfect for guests in the summer.  This converted shed has us in love, so we will see what we can accomplish to ours on our budget and time frame.

So there you have it.  A glimpse into what we have in store for the Morrison house.  If you want to see more of what is inspiring us for this project, take a look at Chelsea's and Brandt's Pinterest boards...and follow us!  We are excited to incorporate these ideas into our design and vision for the house while putting our spin on them.  The little things are starting to come together and it is going to be exciting to watch it all come together.  More to come!


The 1940's Ranch

Our most recent project hit the market over the weekend.  It was a pleasure to work on this house because we were able to turn an outdated 1940's ranch into something unique and special.  The overall goal for this project was to create a home with an edgy look inside and out without going overboard.  With an extremely unique layout and front facade, we grounded the design by using minimal color and traditional, classic materials.  The result was high style and something unexpected for this type of home.  This house is proof that any home can be transformed into something amazing with the right choices.  Enjoy!

The main floor of the house was opened up to create a large, living, dining and entertaining space that suits today's modern lifestyle.  All the walls and trim were painted white because we love white to create the perfect backdrop for the more edgy aesthetics and to keep the idea of the open floor plan alive.  Plus, what's more classic and refined than white?

Elements of board and batten were added throughout the home to create a more traditional vibe.  When modern and traditional meet in design, the results can be stunning.

The stairway to the basement needed something.  So we framed in a window that looks up to the upper hallway.  We then added an industrial light as a focal point for both areas.

We wanted to keep everything neutral to showcase the graphic lighting we chose for the house.  We also wanted the elements of wood (floors and beams) and metal (windows) to play into the design. 

We introduced elements of brass throughout the house as well.  Brass screws really dressed up the casual walnut countertops.

An old door was painted and made into the structure for the peninsula island that we custom built for more counter and entertaining space.

The most appealing element about this house before was the large master bedroom addition.  We were able to play up this huge space with artistic lighting, a feature wall and dramatic carpet.  Now it's a perfect retreat.

An old closet and it's doors were reused and re-imagined.  The doors' new home became the doors for the pantry, while the closet was converted to a chic cocktail bar (well, that's what it is in our minds anyway)!

The wood element continued with a modern, custom hood we built and stained to match the rest of the wood in the house.

Brass hardware and fixtures were used throughout the house to not only continue the brass element but to warm up the modern lines and white walls.

Although we love our older homes, this house provided a blank slate for us to be as creative (or as refined) as we wanted.  The salvage that was used in this home was done with a discerning eye and we were able to create a unique home that is not only pushing the boundaries as far as design but is also refined and classic.  

It's on the market now!  Here's the link:

Home staging done by Spade and Archer.