Monday, February 10, 2014


We have been approached/e-mailed numerous times on whether we offer design consultations.  The answer to that question is absolutely!  Although we primarily work on our own projects we love taking on and meeting new clientele.  We have years of experience in interior/exterior design, construction, salvaging/re-purposing materials as well as extensive knowledge in real estate.  Homes are our passion and we like to show that passion through our devotion and our work.  Feel free to contact us if you need guidance with any of your projects.

Our consultation rate is:  $65/hr

Services we offer:
Design consultations and services
Advice on salvaging and re-purposing for the home
Personal shopping
Real estate investment advice
Preparing your home for sale and staging advice

-Brandt & Chelsea Kaemingk
503-970-8014 & 360-224-0007

Friday, January 24, 2014

Small Room Decorating Magazine

Since we have been unable to update on posts until recently, there is a lot to catch up on within the last few months.  In the beginning of November, our house in Lincoln City made it into Small Room Decorating magazine which is a semi-annual periodical that is chuck full of ideas for decorating small spaces.  We were featured in the special double issue and got an eight page spread!  Our home has changed some since then, but it's so fun to look back and see what we have changed and what we have kept the same.  Here are a few shots of the article:

We were elated with the article!  Such a big thanks to Shannon Quimby, Steven Cridland, Carly Stewart and the rest of the team at Small Room Decorating for producing such a great article on our beloved home!  If interested in grabbing a copy, the newsstands keep this periodical on sale until spring.  You can also contact Small Room Decorating directly on Facebook to receive back issues.

In other news, around the same time, we decided to put the Lincoln City home up on the market for sale.  It was a difficult decision since our original plan was to keep it and come back to Lincoln City often.  Since moving to Portland, we realized it would benefit our situation here more if we were to put it on the market.  We are loving Portland and being able to sell this home would in turn get us a forever home here that we could work on and call our own.  We are excited what the future holds for us here in Portland and we will always remember (and visit) our special home in Lincoln City.  Here's a link to the listing:

Happy weekend everyone!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Old Portland Foursquare...A New Life.

Where to start with this one?  Our time this last five months has been consumed melding the characteristics of a hundred year old craftsman with the everyday conveniences of the modern world...not to mention our aesthetic!  The result is something truly unique.  Large, historic, rooms that feel cozy and inviting.  Wood trims, floors and lighting with the original character of a 1910 home but with colors, finishes and design that can only be described as "now".  Bold choices were made with a discerning eye and we feel we gave an old foursquare a modern, new life.  We're thrilled!

PS:  We still used lots of salvage on this house, it's a way of life for us!

We gave the original fireplace a grand face lift.  The old trims and mantle did not do the fireplace justice.  The living room is grand and it needed a grand fireplace to match.  The solution was to build out and surround the fireplace with a modern look but to keep in mind the traditional style of the home.

The upstairs shower was the most unique project we undertook with this house.  We found a piece of chalkboard slate at a salvage yard and thought it would be perfect for a shower.  We thought the chalkboard would play well with the classic subway tile.  We gold leafed the border to match the brass fixtures and to add a little punch to the slate. 

One of our favorite shots.  It was a foggy day in Portland and it showcased the house perfectly.

Brass fixtures and hardware finished the house off.  We love the way brass plays against modern day colors like blacks, greys and whites.  So elegant!

We patched holes in the upstairs bathroom wood floor with brass sheet metal.  The result is truly eye catching and unique.  Will definitely be doing this again!

This has got to be our favorite kitchen we have done so far.  The classic elements play well with the modern colors and  rustic wood.  Not only does this kitchen meet modern day standards as far as aesthetic and space design, it also feels like a kitchen that would have existed during the time the house was built.  Success!

All rooms received modern paint colors and treatment.  We painted everything from the baseboard to the picture molding one color to simplify and modernize the rooms.  The result was simply stunning.

We are LOVING the modern color scheme on this house.  The colors may not be so modern, but it was how they were applied that gives the house that modern characteristic.  

The character in this house was and is incredible.  Along with saving much of the original character we feel we added some modern (and unique) character too!

There she is.  It's hard to imagine what this house looked like before and it only excites us more to continue saving these amazing old homes no matter how small or grand they are!   This project taught us how to incorporate a slightly modern aesthetic while leaving the original character intact and blending them so they work together.  It was the perfect house to start our work in Portland on and we hope it lasts another 100+ years too!  Here's to the love of old homes!  Cheers!

Link to the Real Estate listing: